Scientific Projects

Projects of the Slovak Agency for Support of Research and Development APVV
Number Principal Investigator Name of project
20-005204 Alexander Feher Magnetostructural correlations in unconvential magnetic materials
LPP -0102-06 Alexander Feher The New Quantum States in Geometrically Frustrated Systems
Peter Samuely

Centre of Cryophysics and Cryonanoelectronics

Development project of the Ministry of Education of SR
Name of project
Alexander Feher Center of Low Temperature Physics - Centre of excellence

Projects of Slovak Scientific Grant Agency VEGA for Physics
Principal Investigator
Name of project
1/3027/06 Alžbeta Orendáčová Quantum magnetism in geometrically frustrated magnets and systems with reduced dimensionality

International Projects
Principal Investigator
Name of project
Martin Orendáč
member of steering commitee
(A La Carte project)
Highly frustrated magnets
NSF DMR-0701400
Martin Orendáč
Magnetism of Molecule-Based Thin Films, Nanoparticles and Frustrated Systems
SK-92 CZ-117
Alexander Feher
(Czecho-Slovak project)
Magnetism and superconductivity in systems with highly correlated electrons
Alexander Feher
(Slovak-Serbian project)
Relation between magnetism and superconductivity in novel metal systems with strongly correlated electrons