Novel NaCoO2 based superconductors
Nové supravodiče na báze NaCoO2

Materials from NaxCoO2 class, which structurally resemble layered copper oxides based high temperature superconductors, represent new class of materials, which for doping level 0.28<x<0.37 become superconducting [1]. The structure of the materials consists of Na and CoO2 layers, where Co atoms create a triangular lattice. Transfer of an electron from Na atom to CoO2 layer causes change of magnetic S=1/2 Co4+ ion in nonmagnetic Co3+ ion. Consequently, concentration of Na ions characterizes both electron doping level and magnetic dilution level. This unique situation combined with geometrical frustration of Co lattice is suggested to be responsible for appearance of new quantum phases [2], which have not been experimentally observed yet. In addition, the possibility of “charge separation” [3] or phase separation on mesoscopic level controlled only by Coulomb repulsion [4-6] is probable.    

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A. Feher, A. Zorkovská
J. Šebek, E. Šantavá (Inst. of Phys. AS CR, Praha), I. Bradaric, I. Savic (Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro), P. Carretta (Dipartimento di Fisica “A. Volta” e Unitá INFM di Pavia, Pavia, Italy)