Low temperature SHPM

Scanning Hall probe microscope (SHPM) is a combination of miniature Hall probes and scannning tunelling microscope (STM). Local magnetisation measurements of a sample are obtained during scanning the sample underneath the Hall sensor in a close proximity to the sample surface. It enables noninvasive mapping of magnetic properties of superconductors and mangetic materials with unrivalled sensitivity.

Research scientist: Zuzana Vargaeštoková (leader), Tomáš Samuely (UPJŠ), Jozef Kačmarík, Pavol Szabó

Basic characteristics:

  • submicron semiconducting Hall sensors to detect magnetic field
  • piezo-crystals for fine scanning
  • STM tracking distance detection
  • high magnetic field resolution
  • space resolution <1um
  • large scan range (30x30 um2)
  • lowest operation temperature 1.6 K
  • highest magnetic field 8 T

  • Applications:

  • local magnetisation measurements at very low temperatures and high magnetic fields
  • vortex distribution and pinning measurements in pnictides, cuprates and other superconductors
  • local field measurements on magnetic nanoparticles
  • research of bit patterned media, magnetic domains...