Department of low temperature physics, SAS

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  • J. Kačmarčík, C. Marcenat, T. Klein, Z. Pribulová, C. J. van der Beek, M. Konczykowski, S. L. Budko, M. Tillman, N. Ni, and P. C. Canfield:
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  • P. Szabó, Z. Pribulová, G. Pristáš, S. L. Bud’ko, P. C. Canfield, and P. Samuely:
    Evidence for two-gap superconductivity in Ba0.55K0.45Fe2As2 from directional point-contact Andreev-reflection spectroscopy
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  • Z. Pribulová, T. Klein, J. Kačmarčík, C. Marcenat, M. Konczykowski, S. L. Bud'ko, M. Tillman, and P. C. Canfield
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    Phys. Rev. B 79 (2009) 020508(R).

  • P. Diener, P. Rodiere, T. Klein, C. Marcenat, J. Kačmarčík, Z. Pribulová, D. J. Jang, H. S. Lee, H. G. Lee, and S. I. Lee:
    s-wave superconductivity probed by measuring magnetic penetration depth and lower critical field of MgCNi3 single crystals
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  • P. Samuely, P. Szabó, Z. Pribulová, M.E. Tillman, S.L. Buďko and P.C. Canfield:
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  • N.E. Sluchanko, A.V. Bogach, V. Glushkov, S.V. Demishev, K.S. Lyubshov, D.N. Sluchanko, A.V. Levchenko, A.B. Dukhnenko, V.B Filipov, S. Gabani, K. Flachbart:
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    JETP Letters 89 (2009) 256.

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  • P. Szabó, Z. Pribulová, G. Pristáš, S.L. Buďko, P.C. Canfield, P. Samuely:
    Two gap superconductivity in Ba0.55K0.45Fe2As2 single crystals studied by the directional point-contact Andreev reflection spectroscopy.
    Physica B 404 (2009) 3220.

  • P. Samuely, Z. Pribulová, P. Szabó, G. Pristáš, S.L. Bud’ko, P.C. Canfield:
    Point contact Andreev reflection spectroscopy of superconducting energy gaps in 122-type family of iron pnictides
    Physica C 469 (2009) 507.

  • A. Kowalczyk, T. Toliński, M. Falkowski, B. Andrzejewski, A. Szewczyk, M. Reiffers:
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  • M. Človečko, E. Gažo, M. Kupka and P. Skyba:
    Spin dynamics between two BECs of magnons in superfluid 3He-B coupled via a channel
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  • A. V. Bogach, S. V. Demishev, K. Flachbart, V. V. Glushkov, A. V. Levchenko, N. Yu. Shitsevalova, D. N. Sluchanko and N. E. Sluchanko:
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  • G. Pristáš, M. Reiffers, N. Marcano, J. C. Gómez Sal and J. I. Espeso:
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