Summer School of Low Temperature Physics 2004

Summer School of Low Temperature Physics 2004 has been organized in early September 2004 by CLTP and Faculty of Science UPJŠ for students of physics from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. The students attended a series of lectures, lab visits, and practical exhibits.

Programme of lectures:
  • Samuely: Superconductivity
  • Feher: Introduction to Ultralow Temperature Physics: is Enything Left to Learn?
  • Feher: Exciting World of Superfluid 3He from Ultralow Temperature Physics to Cosmology
  • Orendáčová: Magnetism at Low Temperatures
  • Orendáč: Geometrically Frustrated Magnets
  • Čižmár: Exotic Magnetic Materials and Phenomena: Photo-induced magnetism
  • Skyba: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in 3He Physics
Lab visits and practical exercises:
  • Szabó: Tunelling Spectroscopy of Superconducting Energy Gap
  • Gabáni: Calibration of Low Temperature Thermometers
  • Čižmár: Vacuum Technique and Detection of Leaks
  • Orendáčová: Experimental Study of Thermal Conductivity
  • Kováč: Vibrating Magnetometer
  • Varga: Mobility of Domain Walls in Microwires